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Case study

The Rothschild Foundation is building an extension on its main site. This currently houses 506 bed spaces for the EHPAD activity. The work is being carried out on the site right in the heart of Paris.
This project envisages the construction of a 60 bed facility, linked to the existing buildings by walkways.
This project is driven by the desire to develop a sustainable structure to offer the residents and staff a particularly pleasant space to both live and work in.
It is a low-energy wooden framed 5-level building , comprising a green terrace area accessible to the residents.
The M&G GROUP is responsible for planning and Project Management Support, as well as for environmental management.

Key figures

Surface area: 4,500 m² working area
Number of beds: 60 beds
Total project cost: €7.5m
Period of Project: 2011-2016
Client: Rothschild Foundation
Project Manager: Architects Frédéric Denise
Project and Environmental Management Assistance: M&G GROUP